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Roof Resealing

Roof Resealing

Stop leaks, add value and protect and extend the life of your property’s roof with roof resealing from Hudson Roofing, Melbourne’s leading professional roofing repair contractors.

The roof of any structure represents a large surface area and is very important in terms of protecting the building and its contents. Terracotta tile roofs have been covering homes and businesses for thousands of years and are just as dependable today. Newer cement tile roofs, however, are not as long-lasting without some type of roof sealant for protection and preservation.

Hudson Roofing has been resealing roofs on residential and commercial properties in and around Melbourne for over 10 years. We are the leading professionals for all types of tile roofing repairs and restorations. As part of our range of roofing services, we offer our customers thorough and efficient roof cleaning and resealing of all types of roofs using the very best roof sealant products and solutions available on the market today.

The cost effective way to stop leaks and protect your property

Extreme heat, freezing and thawing and a variety of other extreme weather conditions places continuous stress and wear on tiles. Over time, small hairline cracks can appear in tiles and mortar. These cracks then gradually expand allowing water to permeate under the roof, which can then seep down between wall cavities or along wiring, conduit or plumbing. Eventually, this results in damaged or destroyed timber beams, joists, ceilings or plasterboard.

Roof resealing is an effective way to stop minor leaks and will extend the life of your roof. Aside from adding value to your home or property, the advantages of resealing a roof are numerous, including:

  • Sealants protect the roof from dirt, staining and damaging pollution in the air.
  • Concrete tiles lose their protective coating after a while and applying a sealant extends their life.
  • Coloured sealants renews colour in concrete tiles lost due to long term exposure to damaging UV rays.
  • Sealants help protect the pointing between tiles and provide an impervious barrier to water.
  • Resealing a roof increases a property’s street appeal and increases its value.
  • Early application of a roof sealant prevents much more costly repairs down the track.

The smart choice in roof sealing

Hudson Roofing is dedicated to providing excellent roofing services. We are fully licensed and insured and all work is carried out to the highest standards. We are proud of our reputation for honesty, integrity and reliability, we will only ever recommend services you actually need. We will always thoroughly explain all your options as well as general pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision.

After a free, no obligation inspection, we will provide you with a detailed estimate for the cost to reseal your roof and should you decide to go ahead, we will:

  1. Ensure any broken roof tiles are replaced, matching the original wherever possible.
  2. Thoroughly clean your roof to remove dust, debris, moss and mould.
  3. Inspect all roof features such as flashings, valleys, and boots and repair or replace if required.
  4. Re-bed and re-point roof tiles, gable end verge tiles and ridge caps as needed.
  5. High quality sealant is applied.
  6. Final inspection is conduction to ensure our high standards are meet and for your peace of mind.

Backed by our 10 year guarantee on all workmanship, the expert professionals at Hudson Roofing are the smart choice in roof sealing.

Hudson Roofing are the Roof Resealing Professionals

To stop leaks, restore colour, beautify and protect your home and add value to your property, call Hudson Roofing, Melbourne’s first choice for roof sealing.

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