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Re-bedding & Tuck Pointing

Re-bedding and Tuck Pointing

Repair, renew and rejuvenate your aging roof with re-bedding and tuck pointing from Hudson Roofing, Melbourne’s trusted name in expert roof repairs.

The terms ‘bedding’ and ‘pointing’ refer to the way cement or terracotta roof tiles are set in place and sealed to create an impervious roof. Essentially, the ridge caps that span the peak of the roof and hip caps which finish off edges of tiles are set or ‘bedded’ into cement mortar to hold them in place. Pointing is an additional layer that goes over the bedding to create a better, longer lasting seal between the tiles and the roof.

Tile roofs have long been appreciated for their strength and durability but the key to longevity is good maintenance and that is why Hudson Roofing provides expert professional re-bedding and tuck pointing for large and small domestic, residential and commercial properties right across Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

A roof is more than just the tiles

While the roofing tiles are the most obvious part of the structure, the quality of the bedding and pointing also have an effect on not only the integrity of the roof but its appearance as well. Like so many other things around a home, the bedding and pointing of roof tiles are not really noticeable until they begin to deteriorate with age or because of damage.

Cement and terracotta roof tiles often carry a warranty for up to 50 years of reliable service but the bedding and pointing needs to be maintained regularly to keep the tiles in place and secure. The cement mortar used for the bedding can easily dry out and crumble under the harsh Australian climate. Freezing and thawing and shifting of the building can crack bedding to the point that chunks may fall out and tiles can slip.

At Hudson Roofing, we improve traditional tuck pointing through the use of modern flexible products that withstand weather conditions much better than the standard sand and cement mortar used by some other cheaper roofing contractors. Flexible roof tile pointing is more expensive but the improved durability and longer life are well worth the cost. A wide variety of colours are available to match any style roofing tiles.

Expert preparation is the key

For quality tile re-bedding and pointing repair, Hudson Roofing begins with a complete cleaning of the entire surface to ensure a long-lasting repair:

  • Tiles, valleys and all bedding are inspected and cleaned
  • Missing and broken tiles are replaced, matching the original wherever possible
  • Loose mortar is removed and replaced
  • Flexible pointing materials are applied to seal the surface to ensure longevity

Tradesmen you can trust

When you need to hire professionals for ridge cap re-bedding, roof pointing or the repointing of a chimney stack, you can rely on Hudson Roofing for:

  • Excellent service and advice
  • Fully licensed & insured tradesmen
  • Honesty reliability and integrity
  • Top quality workmanship
  • A 10 Year installation guarantee

Hudson Roofing are the Tile Re-bedding & Tuck Pointing Experts

Call Hudson Roofing for any size domestic, residential or commercial building, Melbourne’s trusted professionals for all types of re-bedding and re-pointing work.

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